The major components of language learning are refined at this level. There is comprehensive review and use of the aspects of French grammar learned during the first three years of study. The class is conducted entirely in French. Upon completion of French 4 students will have the ability to express themselves both orally and through writing.

French 2 introduces more sophisticated vocabulary and grammar units providing the basis for further development in speaking, aural comprehension, reading and writing. The study of culture is integrated with the study of the language to foster more meaningful communication in French. French 2 builds upon French 1, therefore students should have completed French 1 with a C or better average.

French 1 is the study of the basics of the French language. Establishing fundamental communication skills is the goal of the course. Equal emphasis is placed on developing reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing skills. The study of the cultural aspects of the French-speaking world is an important element of French 1. At the end of this level the student will have acquired basic communication skills.

In French 3 students grow in language ability and cultural understanding. The course will progress into significantly more sophisticated grammar and vocabulary use. Students are expected to communicate in class in the target language. The strong emphasis on all five areas of language learning continue this year. Students should have completed French 2 with a C average or better to succeed in this course.